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The Toolbox For Your Software Needs

The fast-paced world of business we all strive to better requires us to be ahead of the curve and always on our feet. This task is in no small part determined by the quality of our online footprint and how we present our vision for our business. Herc is here to help you on this road. Having started in 2012. our experiences have been varied and exciting at the same time. From the beginning, our wish was to create a sort of toolbox for people who do not know how to create software that they need for their business. And for the last eight years, we have made it our mission to satisfy all the software needs of our customers. To provide, responsive, and easy to use websites and applications for the people who need it the most. Contacts are the cornerstone of a successful business and our mission has given us the opportunity of having contacts from across the globe. We can proudly say that at this moment we have associates in over thirty companies in some twenty countries across the world. These companies range from having just a couple of workers to a couple of thousand. The last few years have seen our path change and it has become more concentrated on the sports industry. We believe that sports are a force for good and a sort of ambassador for peace, this is why we have created software that can help organize and lead sporting competitions. We hope that this will enable more people to stream and organize sporting events and bring the sports they love closer to their audiences. Trust is the most important aspect of a successful business, so intrust your vision to us, it is in good hands!

Why Choose HERC PRIME?

Herc offers to create software and give support on both Windows and Linux, given the wide range of customers and differing visions of what they want, we feel that giving options is always positive. Depending on what our clients need we are adept at building websites, online stores, and a wide variety of online hubs. Using WordPress, Magento, and our CMS systems we can make sure your vision gets its realization. Creating an online footprint is crucial in a fast-changing world of business, especially one that can be easily adapted and configured. We feel that our team has sufficient experience and capabilities to provide all you need. Since the inception of this amazing toolbox, we have built up to six hundred websites and online stores, 85% of which have been in the sporting world. However, if our customers need us to provide a more intimate experience for their communities then we are more than able to create mobile applications. We carry our phone with us, it has become an extension of ourselves, and the best thing to have on your phone is smooth and operable software. Our website Digital Score Live has been a great source of pride for us, it’s robust and adaptive nature has taken the sporting world into the twenty-first century. No longer needing dozens of people to organize the structure of basketball of volleyball leagues, the system creates all you need to run a tight shift. The system gives a chance for smaller leagues to organize their teams and referees. In this, we have found great success and our system is now in place in several Basketball associations across Europe. Our team works tirelessly to provide our clients with great software experience, all you need to do is entrust your vision to us and we will do the rest.

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