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From August 1, 2022. we became part of the ELOMAC IT group.

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Having started this project in 2012, our experience is substantial. We are committed to providing our clients with robust, stable and easy to use software that can help them grow their online community. Help us bring your vision into reality!

Mobile Development

These days phones are an extension of ourselves, this is why we provide easy to use, useful software for our clients needs. Whether you need a sporting app or something a bit more specialized we are more than up for the challenge

Web Design

Our experienced development team has brought over 600 websites to live as of this moment. These websites come from companies in 20 different countries all across the world. Your online business needs are in good hands with us!

Cooperation with Synergy Sports

All national competitions KSS and KLS have installed the best logarithm for broadcasting basketball games. 

We are glad to be a part of this exceptional cooperation. 

This cooperation will enable better development of our software for the organization and control of competitions.

  • Video automatic technology
  • Recording matches
  • Live stream
  • OTT


  • Automated system for streaming sporting events
  • Automated broadcasting
  • Instant replay system
  • Coaching platform
  • No operator needed

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