Mobile Development

The world of mobile development, much like the world of business is a fast growing and exciting place to be in. The intimacy our phones give to us, has made them an extension of ourselves, and this is why we here at Herc pride ourselves on an experienced approach. Our team of hard-working and devoted developers are here to help bring your vision to reality.

Having worked on several pieces of software for the mobile phone we feel that this aspect of your business can be as important as any. Whether your business needs a shop or a login system for your clients we can provide you with any form of software you might want. Our pride and joy when talking about mobile development is our system called Digital Score.

Digital Score (DScore) is not just a mobile system, however the mobile aspect of this system allows for referees on sporting events to instantly choose games they want to manage, to write down the result and all the stats. Giving in turn instant information to the sports lovers everywhere.
These kinds of projects are what give life to otherwise cold calculating software, so intrust your vision to us.